A Single Mother in Colorado Adopts a Baby Girl and Later Discovers that She is the Biological Sister of Her Adopted Son


One of the saddest things that can happen to a married woman in her 30’s is when her marriage fails and ends unexpectedly. The aftermath is the phase in a woman’s life wherein she has lost all directions in her life.

Katie Page felt life was incomplete and something was missing although she has moved to a new home in Colorado and started a new career. Until one day, she received an email from her pastor, inviting her to foster a child. Katie had planned to adopt a child since she has been dealing with fertility issues in the past, though she wanted to learn more about fostering upon receiving the email.

She immediately discovered that this was the right path for her after attending various meetings about fostering. After a few days, she fostered 4 children. That was when she decided to take a bigger leap towards adoption.

In 2016, Katie learned of an unknown 4-day-old baby boy who was abandoned at a local hospital. She immediately fostered him and named him Grayson, who stayed with her for almost 12 months. They bonded, and Katie loved this boy like he was her own child. When she learned that the court has ceased the birthrights of his biological parents, she did not hesitate to adopt Grayson. At that time, he was 11 months old.

Newest edition: But Hannah is not the end to Katie's growing family. The birth mom gave birth to a second son who is now living at in Katie's home. She hopes to adopt him in 2019

Before two weeks have passed, Katie has grown fond of motherhood and has settled into her new status when her caseworker has given her a call. A newborn girl has been dropped off at the same hospital where she picked up Grayson. This time, Katie was a bit hesitant to foster another baby, though her instinct was pushing her to take the baby.

“I know over the next 10 minutes and subsequent phone calls I made that afternoon, the phrase ‘I know I am crazy, but God is telling me to say ‘YES’ kept coming out of my mouth,” Katie said.

After a few hours, the newborn baby girl was brought to Katie’s home, and she named her Hannah. She noticed the baby’s bracelet, though, and discovered that the name of the baby girl’s mother is the same as Grayson’s. Upon checking Grayson’s adoption papers, the name and birthdate of both the children’s mother were the same. This startled her since the two babies look completely different from each other.

“Grayson is half African-American with beautiful darker skin and dark curly hair,” Katie wrote on her blog. “The baby girl has a pale white skin tone with straight red-blonde hair.”

This prompted Katie to track down the biological mother and encouraged her to take a DNA test, which later confirmed that Grayson and Hannah were half-siblings. Katie decided to adopt Hannah, and it was official in December 2018.

“What if Hannah had gone to another family?” Katie asked in her blog post. “We would have never found her or Grayson’s mother. The connection would have never been made! I could not believe the miracle that had just happened.”

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“That day I said ‘Yes’ to taking Hannah, I felt the strangest feeling ever. I don’t think I had truly decided until that moment felt an undeniable calling from God (or whatever higher spirit you personally might believe in),” said Katie. “My brain was telling me to say ‘no’ because it made no sense and was not in my plans, but something inside kept saying you have to say ‘YES’. It is a sheer miracle, once in a lifetime chance… call it what you will, but, amazingly, my children found each other.”

Katie described herself as “a perfectionist making the most of my very imperfect life” as she traveled on to her journey called motherhood. She still fosters kids until today and shares her stories on her Instagram page which garnered more than 90,000 followers.

Katie has found the new love of her life and has adopted a new baby boy named Jackson. She has fostered a teenager and shares the challenges of being a single parent on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

Katie Page has found her true calling. She is the perfect example of a strong and amazing woman who has found the path to great happiness. She is an excellent reminder for us to follow what our hearts truly desire. Please like and share this article if you like Katie Page‘s the journey of motherhood.

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