A 23-year-old Drunk and Heartbroken Woman Cries on the Roadside when Her Boyfriend Broke Up with Her Before Valentine’s Day; Police Tried to Console Her


Being broken-hearted can be a very traumatic experience for anyone. It is one of life’s pains that takes time to heal. There is a saying that goes, “Time heals all wounds.” Although, people around the world are still debating on this. The level of pain you experience is incomparable to physical wounds inflicted on us in the past.

It was a very sad and painful Valentine’s Day for a 23-year-old woman from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, China, when her boyfriend suddenly ended their relationship only days before the “hearts” day. Feeling heartbroken and alone, she resorted to drinking in a bar and got intoxicated. Riding in a taxi cab on the way home, she broke down and cried out loud. The taxi driver began to get worried and called the police for help.

At 11:00 PM on February 12, the taxi cab driver called the Fengshan Police Department of the Wujia branch in Kaohsiung City. Luckily, a patrol car from the said branch was nearby and responded to the call.

“I’m driving a drunk girl, and she cries all the time. I’m afraid she will run into bad guys after getting off this cab, but I don’t know what to do, you guys come and help me.”

Image credit: Lai Wenxuan

When the police arrived, they found the girl sitting on the roadside in front of an apartment building, bawling and vomiting. When the woman saw the police approach her, she said: “I am heartbroken, just drinking to relieve my sadness.”

Deputy Director Qiu Shihao did his best to console her, giving her advice, and reminding her not to drink too much when she is heartbroken. “It’s okay, it’s nothing. Life is still so much fun. Next time, remember not to drink so much and bring a trusted friend to accompany you.”

The policeman checked her bag and realized that the taxi driver has brought her to the right place. She lives in the building right in front of her, though they did not know what floor she stays on and what apartment number. Since it was already very late, the guard on duty had gone to sleep, and there were not many people outside of the building. Officer Qiu Shihao had to yell in front of the building’s lobby, trying to find her family.

Image credit: Lai Wenxuan

Fortunately, people in their apartments came rushing out upon hearing the policeman’s loud call, the neighbors recognized the young woman, and called to her family to bring her home.

When finally, a family member came down to pick her up, the woman has regained her composure a little and apologized to the police officers and the cab driver. Before she left to go to her apartment, all she could say was, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Watch the video on how Deputy Director Qiu Shihao did his best to console the heartbroken woman: (Click on the link below the photo.)

Credits to: ET Today

We fall in love, break up, and endure the pain of heartbreak at least once in our lifetime. It’s the “moving on” that is inevitable. Be strong. Although we can never control the other person, we can control our reactions to situations, no matter how painful they are.


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