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A Parrot Enjoys the Warm Temperature of an Electric Heater During a Cold Weather; Netizens Worry It May Get too Close and Get Burned


Lately, Japan’s climate has turned colder. Local citizens have prepared electric blankets and heaters for defense against the cold weather. Even the birds that live indoors are getting themselves closer to a heater that helps them against the harshness of the cold climate.

A bird protected itself from the cold weather by coming close to an indoor heater and spreading its wings to take in its calming heat. Twitter owner @akaba_211if shared photos of the birds on his page and wrote the caption “roasted bird”… (Huh?!) 😆

The Twitter owner has various pets, such as parrots, tortoises, rabbits, and others, living in his home. Though the parrots are the ones particularly fond of the heating device. @akaba_211if noticed that it was the blue parrot that came very close to the electric heater and spread its wings, looking very comfortable. Awwww…!

Another parrot is standing in a queue behind, waiting for its turn to stand near the heater to get warm. Most netizens observed that it was patient and well-behaved. 😆

It’s not every day you see parrots getting close to the electric heaters to beat the cold weather. “Don’t get too close, kid, or you’ll be scorched!”

Netizens who have seen the photos on the user’s Twitter page have commented:

“This photo seems to have a humor…”

“The parrots are like children who grew up in a greenhouse.”

“It looks so good and wonderful that she wants to imitate her master enjoy the heat.”

“It looks like a flying eagle!”

“Be careful not to let it smell burnt.”

“I know it’s the original coat color… but it feels like its feathers are slowly being baked and changing colors.” (laughs)

Additionally, the Twitter user also mentioned that the temperature of the heater was not yet adjusted, so the parrots and the other pets may enjoy the heat of the device to their own comfort.

Credits to: @akaba_211if/Twitter



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