Hilarious Photos of a Kitten that Feels Sleepy but Still Insists on Wanting to Play


The cute kitten was trying to keep himself awake. A Japanese man has just adopted a kitten and named it “Mugime”. Even before he turned a year old, he often feels very sleepy but insisted on wanting to play to keep himself awake.

Credits to: @mugimedayoo/Twitter

The owner has captured the moment when Mugime was about to do doze off to sleep but kept fighting to stay awake. His eyes narrowed into slits with an adorable expression on his face that says, “I feel very sleepy, but I still want to play.” Netizens exclaimed, “He’s so cute!”

Image credit: @mugimedayoo/Twitter

Mugime’s owner often shares his life story on Twitter with an account name, @mugimedayoo. One day, when he saw Mugime trying to fight his sleepiness, he could not help but laugh at his hilarious expression. He immediately captured the kitten’s funny facial expression on his mobile phone. Although Mugime was resisting the urge to fall asleep, he still sat upright to fight the drowsiness. His owner shared photos and videos of Mugime but seeing the photos alone will surely entertain his followers who will not resist giggling at the hilarious sight.

Credits to: @mugimedayoo/Twitter

The playful kitten recently just arrived at his new home. At a young age, the kitten has displayed quite an amount of curiosity, climbing up and down the stairs, going in and out of the house, exploring his new world. On his crib, you will notice stuffed toys like an alpaca and a giraffe. Mugime is having the happiest of days and living the best cat life.

Here are some of the comments on Mugime’s photo on Twitter:

“I really want to hug him!”

“It’s so cute!”

“It wants to sleep and play.”

“My God, it’s so cute!”

“Furry little cuteness.”

“Successfully captured my heart.”

“The cat must be struggling to keep awake.”


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