“Disney-style Cabinets” Diverts the Traditional Design; “World of Animation” Effects on Broken Furniture


Although everyone’s home decoration style is different, and there are all kinds of creative and beautiful storage cabinets out on the market, designs differ through the years and change throughout time. So to expand everyone’s imagination, a foreign carpenter recently made amazing wood-works out on a whim, and many netizens couldn’t help exclaiming: “It’s all like Disney furniture!”

According to a report by foreign media Boredpanda, a retired carpenter from New Zealand, Henk Verhoeff, to create eye-catching inventions, recently created a series of wooden cabinets “twisted and cracked as if they were from an animated movie”.

With 53 years of carpentry experience, he has made various styles of furniture before retiring. He always had to draw the model of the furniture according to the needs of customers in the past, and he could not add too many personal creative elements to his works…

Now that he has retired, he is free to create all kinds of furniture, especially the ones he had most yearned to invent without any hesitation, which presents a series of unique wooden cabinets with peculiar designs that look like they came out from children’s fairy tale!

The cabinets, personally hand-crafted by Henk Verhoeff, are just like the living furniture in a Disney animated movie. It looks crooked and alive as if it would jump up and move any time~

Some cabinets will also have various large and small cracks and potholes…

But these special shapes are not flaws, but the proud work carefully designed by Henk Verhoeff!

What’s more special about them is that these wooden cabinets with irregular shapes, in fact, can still be used normally~~

Originally, these seemingly unbelievable wooden cabinets were just products of Henk Verhoeff’s unique imagination during leisure time after retirement to kill time, but because his daughter was quite fascinated by her dad’s amazing ideas, they designed them afterward. After presenting them to the public, the designs unexpectedly received a wide response from people~~

Henk Verhoeff, who did not expect the overwhelming response, only smiled and said, “I didn’t expect so many people to like it!”

Henk Verhoeff also said that a cabinet would probably take 80 to 100 hours to make. Ordinary cabinets only need to be built up with wooden boards, but such deformed wooden cabinets are angular and need to take into consideration the precise shaping of wood such as angling and mechanics. As long as there is an inconsistency in the product, it must be completely re-assembled.

As many people are asking if they are selling their designs, Henk also said that in fact, he originally made these wooden cabinets but did not intend to sell them. They only planned to put them at home for their own use, but if they will create more in the future, though unsure when, it may be sold on online shopping websites, so those who are interested may have to wait a little longer~~

With the overwhelming response received by Henk, he is unsure how many wooden cabinets will have to be created to satisfy the amazed citizens.

Here is a video of Henk Verhoeff’s unique furniture designs:

Courtesy of Be Smarter/YouTube


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