Customers Ordered Personalized Unicorn Cakes that Turned Out to be Hilarious; Sleeping Fat Unicorn that Seemingly Ate the Cake


Most young girls love anything that has a unicorn design. Any merchandise that has a unicorn shape, a pillow, a figurine, blankets, drinking cups, notebooks, just about anything. Lately, bakers have created personalized unicorn cakes to celebrate young girls’ occasions, such as birthdays.

Aside from the traditional unicorn-shaped cakes that people order, some creative bakers have come up with an idea that resulted in a more hilarious outcome…

▼A typical unicorn cake for a simple celebration, and the color must be dreamy.

▼The mood gets better just by looking at this cake, so cute that everyone will think twice before they eat it!

▼There is also a realistic version of the unicorn cake, the colors are really vibrant!

▼People admire the baker’s skills, which makes them want to buy a unicorn cake to bring home!

▼Who will buy me a unicorn cake? 😆

▼These unicorn cakes will definitely make people stare in awe, and a young girl’s longing for a unicorn cake may intensify.

After seeing the photos above, you might think that all unicorn cakes are about the same length and height, but lately, there are new but unconventional unicorn cakes that have emerged… Choco Frutas by Lissy cake shop in Puerto Rico recently made a cake with a fat unicorn beside it, making it look as though it ate the cake and fell asleep. Very creative!

▼The cake above is not destroyed, but eaten by the unicorn. If you look closely at its facial expression, it looks like it was satisfied and fell asleep. 😆

▼Let’s take a closer look, is the unicorn still eating the cake in its dreams? Its mouth is covered in icing!

▼It should be the people eating the unicorn cake, not the unicorn eating the cake until it falls asleep!

▼The “fat unicorn” beside the cake looks like it ate too much that its tummy grew big. How much do you think it ate? 😆

▼That unicorn cake looks very inviting. I think I will save some money to buy a cake like this…

▼Little girls may think, “You stole the cake and wiped your mouth anyway, but there is still cake all around your mouth, are you afraid that others will know you stole it?”

▼This unicorn is on vacation. It’s simply having a picnic on its lonesome!

I’m impressed! The store is so creative, the “fat unicorn” cake feels more in line with young girls’ needs. Visit your nearest cake bakery now and inquire about availability.

Credit: Prima Royale


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