The Little Girl ‘Asked Permission’ from the Airport Staff to Hug Her Aunt before Parting Ways


An aunt is one of the best persons within the family that can be a little girl’s best friend. Growing up, it is either our female cousin or an aunt who we can relate to without life’s most deepest secrets.

The undivided love between an aunt and her niece is a feeling that will last forever, despite being apart due to circumstances.

A video of a little girl with her aunt who was at Hamad International Airport, Qatar went viral on social media.

Through the video, the cute little girl was seen ‘asking permission’ from the security staff to allow her to say goodbye to her aunt.

At that time, her aunt had already left the space reserved only for people going to travel.

Once she was allowed, the little girl immediately ‘called’ her aunt and the two then hugged.

So far, the video has been viewed almost 800,000 times on Twitter and must have touched our hearts.

Even the account owner who uploaded the video also praised the security staff for providing a small but meaningful opportunity for both child and aunt to bond before parting ways.

Here is the full video:

Credits to: Kaptan Hindostan/Twitter

This little girl had been taught good manners, and the bond she has with her aunt will be cherished by both of them forever.


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