A German Man Suffered Brain Injury that Left Him with Memories of Only the Past 6 Hours


Daniel Schmidt, a German man, suffered brain damage in a car accident six years ago. He was left with only six hours of memory. He was about to meet his sister when he was knocked down by another car on the highway.

Daniel described his experience in the documentary “Living without Memory”. Although the trauma was not very serious at the time, he suffered severe brain damage, which was called a Level 3 TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). The car accident left him with only 6 hours of memory, but he still found his lover who gave birth to his first child – just like the movie, 50 First Dates.

“I didn’t die that day. It’s a miracle that I have survived. That’s why I looked at that day in a positive light.”

Daniel received intensive physical and speech therapy to help him return to his original state, but he still suffers from “anterograde amnesia”, a condition in which a person is unable to create new memories after an amnesia-inducing event. He can only remember things for six hours and has no long-term memory, so every day he must record in detail the places he has been or the people he has met, and then these memories disappear from his mind after 6 hours.

Here are some photos from the documentary:

As a result of his illness, Daniel broke up with his then-girlfriend and drifted away from friends he no longer remembered.
Still, he found love, and his partner gave birth to their first child. However, it also presents a challenge, as when he met Katharina, he confessed to her about the car accident and tells her that if she doesn’t contact him for three days, he will forget her completely. The two will be as strange as they first met.
Daniel is falling in love with his wife again every day. Helps him regain forgotten memories with videos and notebook records.
A few years ago, the couple welcomed their first child.
Unfortunately, Daniel doesn’t remember the birth and growth of his son.
Despite his short memory, he has been working to help people with similar conditions, and his positive personality is very encouraging.

Here is the documentary of Daniel Schmidt, Living without Memory

Credits to: ARTE.tv Documentary/YouTube


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