2-year-old Girl Reunites with Her “Ruff Ruff” that was Left in the Hotel


People who travel abroad are accustomed to bringing all they need for the trip. For business or pleasure, they like to assure themselves of a memorable trip every time they travel. Though not all trips happen as they are planned. A couple with their 2-year-old daughter were traveling abroad and by the time they came back home, the little girl realized that her favorite dog doll was missing.

Juniper Kuykendall, 2, was surprised to see Ruff Ruff’s adventures after leaving him at a Richmond hotel.

The incident happened last year when a little girl named Juniper stayed in Doubletree Hotel together with her parents. According to The Washington Post, little Juniper forgot her beloved dog doll, Ruff Ruff, inside their hotel room. She thought that she would never see it again and cried to her mother.

Allison, Juniper’s mother, immediately called the hotel and asked the staff members if they found a stuffed dog doll inside the room where they stayed. She was worried for Juniper who kept on crying when she found out that Ruff Ruff disappeared.

“We were in a hurry to leave that morning, so I assume, we left it in the hotel,” Allison informed the front desk. They were quick to respond and said, “They will check the room immediately. If anything else is found, we will be notified at once.”

The note and gift basket that the hotel staff sent to 2-year-old Juniper.

A few days later, they received a package with Ruff Ruff inside. A note was attached to a fruit basket and a bag of cookies. Juniper could not believe her eyes and felt very happy to be reunited with her beloved Ruff Ruff again. Additionally, there were photos of Ruff Ruff’s vacation included in the package, showing that he had a good time back in the hotel.

Photos of Ruff Ruff included accompanying the staff at work, taking a good rest in a hotel room, even sunbathing in the daytime.

Ruff Ruff gets work done at the hotel business center.
Ruff Ruff on a phone call.
Ruff Ruff rests on a hotel bed.
Hotel employees sent Juniper photos of Ruff Ruff in sunglasses relaxing by the pool.

Little Juniper was very happy that Ruff Ruff is back home. Looking at photos of his “vacation”, the little girl laughed and enjoyed them. In return, Allison not only thanked the hotel for its good service to their customers but also posted a heart-warming message on her Facebook which garnered 80,000 “likes” in a short period.

Allison’s Facebook message to Doubletree Hotel.
Juniper is happy Ruff Ruff is back home.
A happy ending for Ruff Ruff and Juniper.

This is a touching story of something that was lost but then was returned. Little Juniper’s happiness is beyond compare when she was reunited with Ruff Ruff. Situations like these warm the hearts of people who have experienced the same incidents, if not them, perhaps a family member or another loved one.


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