Reactions of Owners Walking Their Dogs to a Stranger Who Wants to Buy Their Dog for $100,000.00


Think about this scene. You are raising a puppy. Let’s assume you do, even if you don’t. What would your reaction be to the following situation?

You are now walking with your dog. The dog wags its tail happily as you walk in a park or wherever destination you go to.

Suddenly, a man approaches you, looking at your dog with eagerness, and compliments it. A black briefcase is in the man’s hand.

“What a wonderful dog!” He would say.

The man speaks again to you but this time he would say, “I will buy your dog for US $100,000.”

What would you do?

This experiment was conducted in Chicago, USA.

The man in the suit would approach owners walking their dogs and offer them US $100,000.00 (116,730,000.00 South Korean won) to buy their pet.

“I’m willing to offer you $100,000 for your dog.”

How did people react?

Most of the people answered firmly and with no hesitation, “No!”


Some people reacted rather violently, saying they didn’t like it even when they were offered cash on the spot.

When asked why, people answered:

“He’s part of the family!”

“He’s my best friend.”

“I love him!”

“I have had this dog for 13 years. Money can’t buy the time I have spent with the dog. I can live without $100,000, but I cannot live without this dog.”

The man in the suit offered to give US $100,000 and said that he would take good care of them sincerely, but people were firm and said that they would not sell their dogs.

Then, a man said he was willing to sell his dog. However, in the end, he was not able to sell due to strong opposition from other family members.

Yes. There are things in the world that money cannot buy.

If you were given the same offer, what would you choose?

Perhaps, if it were the other way around, and your dog will sell you for $100,000, you know what the answer would be.

Credits to: BigDawsTv/YouTube


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