A Woman with 2 Children are Seen Picking Up Trash Together on the Street in Singapore


Credit : Mothership Singapore

This is a perfect example of proper parenting, an excellent way of teaching your young children by using hands-on experiences. In this way, they grow up with good manners and establish themselves well.

A woman with 2 children was seen picking up trash on the streets along 29 Geylang hallway in Singapore, in what seems to be a voluntary act for these kind people.

The random act of kindness was caught on video by a netizen and was uploaded on TikTok on November 20, which was later shared on a group on Facebook called Complaints Singapore.

Comments have been pouring in once the video was uploaded.

Netizens praised the woman, assumed to be the mother, and the two children for their civic-minded act. Picking litter from a public space is one way of instilling proper values of cleanliness to children and demonstrating excellent parenting skills while instructing them with what is right.

The video clip

The 30-second video clip was uploaded on TikTok by user @mdroslin, which garnered 100,000 views in just 1 day.

The TikTok user happened to be at the scene when the woman and the 2 children were currently picking up litter, and they were seen carrying tongs and plastic bags. They were seen along the street fronting the Leow Sih Association Building in the Geylang area.

The man behind the camera could be heard saying, “I am so embarrassed.”

Credits to: @mdroslin/TikTok


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