This Dog Was About To Be Euthanized Due to Its Very Short Backbone Not Realizing That It Was “Different”

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A dog with a short spine was different from the rest, but that did not stop Tilly from being special. She has brought love and happiness to her human mom and has become one of the most viral dogs on Instagram.

Anna Marie Giannini saw an online ad that said they were going to share some adorable puppies, but one of the puppies was different, and that was what caught her eye.

It was Tilly, who stood out among the rest, an adorable Tibetan spaniel who captivated Anna.

From the moment Anna saw Tilly, she knew she was a special dog.

“When I arrived they told me that one of the puppies was disabled. They could not find a home for her and therefore she was likely to be euthanized. However, I was already in love with her and I had imagined us together before they finished saying that horrible thing,” said Anna.

Tilly was born with short spine syndrome, a rare condition in which her distressed spine makes her look like a neckless dog with a very short back.

When Anna hugged Tilly, she couldn’t believe that no one wanted to take her home.

“When I took her, she was like a small, smooth ball. She fits perfectly in my hand. During the trip home, she lay on my lap. She looked at me with her big brown eyes, and I knew right away that she needed me and I needed her,” added Anna.

From then on, Anna promised herself that Tilly would never feel rejected again.

As Tilly got older, her short spine became more and more visible, but that didn’t stop her from doing everything other furry animals did.

“She was born with a syndrome but like a human born with a special condition, her body has learned to adapt. She has no health problems or complications due to her short spine. We wish her a long and healthy life,” said Anna.

Tilly just needs a little help getting up and down the furniture, but she uses a special ladder for that. Anna always took the whole day to give her a little massage.

Tilly didn’t hesitate to show appreciation to Anna for everything she did for her. Tilly has a happy life, feels loved, and loves her home.

“Every hour she came up to me spontaneously and gave me a kiss and then went back to bed. Like a clock, which requires touch in order to function,” added Anna.

Even though this adorable little dog doesn’t feel any different, her appearance always catches people’s attention, including other furry animals.

“The other dogs often look curious when they see her, but they are very nice to her. However, she didn’t care. She is a persistent dog, if she wants to play she will do it with other puppies of any size,” said Anna.

Anna assured her that she had learned a lot from Tilly and would not change anything about her.

“Tilly slept in bed with me, she leans her head on the pillow and tucked her paws under the covers. She is always close to me, touching me. When I cook, she stands right between my legs and when I do my homework, she lies next to me with her feet on top of me,” said Anna.

Each day, Tilly reminds Anna that she should be grateful for a new day.

Anna feels very lucky to have Tilly, and she also feels very happy because she can give Tilly a happy life.

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