First Gold Medalist from the Philippines Awarded a Year’s Supply of Free Cheesecake Milk Tea; Burgers and Meals and Airline Flights for a Lifetime


For all the sacrifices made. Filipino weightlifter, Hidilyn Diaz, made history when she claimed the first gold medal in almost a hundred years! Hidilyn, who hails from Zamboanga, the Philippines, has been training in Malaysia since 2020.

30-year-old Hidilyn, daughter of a tricycle driver, beat China’s Liao Qiuyun in the women’s 55kg class when she successfully lifted 127kg. In 2016, she also competed in Rio, winning a silver medal in the 53kg. class.

Hidilyn Diaz wins a Silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Meals and Milk Tea for Free

In an interview with AFP, she was quoted saying that she is having a “cheat day” and will be “eating a lot tonight” following her victory of a gold medal and all the sacrifices she made during her training to win.

To show their appreciation and celebrate the occasion to the athlete who has brought pride to their country, many Food and Beverage outlets offered Diaz free food and drinks, most of them for a lifetime.

Cha Tuk Chak, a bubble milk tea shop, offered Hidilyn a year’s supply of “Premium cheesecake milk tea” when they learned that she loves cheesecake and milk tea.

Restaurants such as Kitchen Joes, a restaurant in Zamboanga – Hidilyn’s hometown – and Burger Garage (among many others) have offered the gold medalist free meals for a lifetime.

“You are free to eat anything on our menu forever… You deserve it!” ~ Kitchen Joes

Burger Garage has awarded Diaz free burgers for the rest of her life for bringing home the “honor of a lifetime” and for “bringing glory to a nation longing for victory.”

Aside from the free meals and beverages offered to Hidilyn, she will also be receiving lifetime free flights from AirAsia Philippines, “in recognition of her hard work, passion, and sportsmanship” displayed during the Olympics.

According to Manila Times, Hidilyn Diaz is awarded 80,000 free miles per year and is also the airline’s first “forever free flyer.”

A Facebook page, Rider’s Travel and Photography., compiled a list of “incentives” that Hidilyn Diaz is reportedly being awarded, including cash and real estate property.

Congratulations, Hidilyn! Mabuhay!!


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