Beat the Summer Heat! A Video of a Bear Hugging a Block of Ice while Bathing Has Gone Viral


Summer is a beautiful but hot season. We can see the flora growing with flowers in bloom and if this pandemic did not happen, a holiday on the beach will definitely be a favorite activity of the people.

But now, summer feels excruciating especially if your residence does not have air conditioning facilities. The fan wind also feels like heat and to cool the body, we tend to take cold food or drinks.

But for this cute bear, bathing while hugging a block of ice is the best option to cool his body. See how this cute furry animal soak in water while smearing the ice block on her body, face and legs.

It is so hot!

This video uploaded by NTD Television on Facebook has received up to 5.2K total shares with 30K likes. The majority of netizens were also amused and understood the bear’s feelings due to the intense heat.

Here is the link to the Facebook video:

“This bear is enjoying that cool ice so lick it!”

“We can even feel how good the bear is when we watch this video.”

“The ice is shrinking. Hope there’s another ice cube for him.”

Here is an alternate version of the video, on YouTube:

Courtesy of The Trendy Trails/YouTube

Beat the summer heat!


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