Koreans Resorted to Growing Their Leeks at Home and Dine with “Unlimited Refills” Because Prices of Onion Leeks Spiking Up

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Koreans called it, “The gold wave”. This is so due to the prices of green onions that keep soaring sky high and not knowing when prices will drop back to normal.

Due to the aftermath of the weather, such as the rainy season that struck the Korean Peninsula last summer and the cold wave in winter, the prices of large onions have risen like crazy.

In fact, the price of a single green onion sold at a hypermarket was close to 9,000 won. Consumers are bound to be burdened by this.

Given the unfortunate situation, there are increasing cases of local citizens growing their own green onions at home. Step-by-step instructions were also revealed online, showing that it is not difficult to grow green onions than expected and eat them with unlimited refills.

Recently, in various online communities, a post that shares tips using the topic, “How to grow green onions well at home” has attracted attention.

It is very easy to grow green onions. All you have to do is prepare a pot with good soil on your veranda and place it there where the sun and rain can help them grow.

Cut leeks by leaving only one span above the root, and plant it straight up so that the root is well buried in the soil.

It is said that if you plant leeks like this, it will grow to 30cm. in about two weeks.

Now you only need to cut and eat the newly grown part. Raise, cut, grow, cut and eat. It is a good cycle and an unlimited refill of vegetables to eat.

Important reminder: Only green onions with intact roots should be planted. That way, the leeks can continue to grow well. When buying green onions at groceries and supermarkets, you need to make sure that the roots aren’t broken or spoiled.

Here is an instructional video on how to grow onion leeks at home:

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