Police surprises teen with birthday cake after he gets caught speeding because his family forgets his birthday


Instead of issuing a teenager a ticket for speeding, a Thai policeman decided to give him a birthday cake. His sincere gesture has not only moved the boy’s heart but thousands online.

According to Thai news website, Ejun, local police officer, Police Lance Corporal Kanokpan Puttapong, decided to arrest a teenage boy for speeding.

However, just before he could issue a speeding ticket to the teenager, the boy suddenly burst into tears.

Credit: Kapook

Surprised by the teenager’s emotional outburst, Kanokpan asked the boy if there was something wrong and the boy opened up to him.

Apparently, it was the teenager’s birthday but as his family did not seem to care about his birthday, the boy was heartbroken.

Credit: Facebook

Feeling neglected by his own family, the boy later stormed out of his brother’s condominium. He later took his motorcycle and went out for a ride in the middle of the night to mend his broken heart.

Knowing that a special gift was better than a speeding ticket, Kanokpan then headed to the nearest convenience store and bought a slice of cake.

Credit: Facebook

The kind-hearted policeman even put on candles for the boy to make a wish!

In the video which has been making rounds on Facebook since it was posted on November 9, the boy takes a bite of his birthday cake as Kanokpan looks on

Posted by P'Pee Jedsada on Saturday, November 9, 2019

The boy was later let off with a warning.

It may seem like a simple gesture by the policeman but it had certainly made the boy’s day and put a smile on his face after a rough day at home.


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