This Young Woman from a Humble Family Works Tirelessly on the Farm but Still Strive to Look Beautiful and Elegant After Work


Today, we live in a world where physical beauty is highly valued, especially when it comes to women. But, it is also true that financial resources are needed to purchase beautiful clothes to improve our physical looks.

One woman in Nigeria knows this very well, and what she obtained to be beautiful and graceful has surprised many social media users.

Edu is a young Nigerian woman who works hard in the fields to make ends meet. As you can imagine, this is not a simple job, however, it takes hours and uses physical strength to be able to do the job well and achieve the desired income.

In her daily life, Edu is always on the farm and away from glamorous looks, although she is determined to look perfect and that is why apart from her regular job, producing and trading agricultural products, she also fries garri to sell it and, therefore, increasing her financial resources.

According to Wikipedia, Garri is the powdery food material flour made from the tuberous roots of the cassava plant, which in the process of its manufacture is changed into dry edible granules. This is available in West Africa.

“Make Money and Spend Money,” the title of the post Edu shared on her social networks.

In recent days, she has shared photos on her social network where she is seen on weekdays working at the farm and other photos where she looks very elegant. In her post, she explained that it was not easy and that many things must be done to achieve her looks.

Before and after photos of the young woman were shocking, and it didn’t take long for them to go viral.

“How beautiful she is! It’s not like she is working on a farm!” The surprised social media user commented.

That was one of the many motivating comments and words that Edu received from social media users, which made her feel satisfied with the efforts she had been doing, so far.

Although many have commented asking if she really worked on the farm. They admit that this has a form of beauty of its own and that true beauty has nothing to do with appearance.

It also shows that, in a way, a woman can achieve all the things she wants to do. All things will be appreciated when women dare to empower themselves and become more aware of their role in the society where they socialize.

Edu continues with her intention and is pleased to know that her initiative can encourage the enthusiasm of many women who are not yet aware of the great value they have, and at the same time feel motivated to be and look better every day. And it starts with taking care of yourself in terms of health, physical appearance, and job performance.

Don’t forget to share this amazing story so that every woman realizes that she is very valuable and that everything can be achieved with talent and strong faith.


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