A High School Student Who Takes Complete, Detailed, and Colorful Notes is Very Admirable and Amazing!

Image credit: The Epoch Times Korea

Some people admit that high school life is very exciting. Lessons are difficult, though there are friends who see us through each hardship, and in the end, we acquire good grades that we can be proud of celebrating through school events and graduation. During these times when new lessons in classes are taught, taking down notes for review before examinations are most important.

There is a certain student in high school who is meticulous in taking notes. With detailed diagrams and drawings complete with colors and captions, truly this high school student is very attentive in class, and maybe even a perfectionist.

The following are photos of the student’s notebook and how she manages to complete the notes from lessons he took for the day.

Drawings and detailed captions are done in colorful pens and highlighters. Amazing!

Recently, an online community has revealed that the student really works hard to complete these notes.

The student said, “Note-takers work really hard. It’s easier to study later and review because it’s organized and complete, and it’s going to be useful when you’re studying.”

He then boasted, “I’ve sold copies to my sister for money.”

The student revealed a photo of the notebook with this description: The book includes detailed notes written and drawings of perfect quality, as well as charts.

“In particular, the drawings of the brain, blood vessels, cells, etc. were likely the most difficult to make, though they are included in the notes, to the extent that I can’t believe that I’ve been too detailed,” the student added.

Netizens’ responses are amazing such as, “I think you can go to a good college.”, “Always use your talents this way and more.” and “This level of note-taking is really surprising!”

Good job!


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