First and Last Hug! A Father Passes Away the Next Day After Hugging His Newborn Baby


Although uncommon, some husbands pass away while their wife is pregnant. Imagine the pain the wife feels when they experience having a baby without the father by their side. This is a story of a father who is lucky to hug his newborn before he passed away the next day.

“The day before leaving for heaven, my dad fulfilled his last wish to hold the newborn baby in his arms.” ~ Gracie Stone

On the 25th of last month (local time), Christopher Stone, who lives in Alabama, USA, passed away.

In his life, Mr. Christopher, who was the head of the family by making a living doing masonry work, died of suffering from lung disease due to inhaling bad substances generated during his work.

On the 24th, the day before Christopher’s death, his wife, Brandi, gave birth to the couple’s son, Coy.

Mr. Christopher held the baby in his trembling hands and stroked his head.

He was already very weak and couldn’t say a word. He then wrote a note in his notebook.

“Hugging my baby, I am blessed. God is good. Thank You for everything!”

And the next day, Mr. Christopher peacefully closed his eyes.

His wife, Brandi, said, “I am grateful that Christopher’s smile and soul remain with our son.”

Rest in peace, Mr. Christopher Stone.


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