Owner Wonders Why His Cat Disappears at Night; Apparently, The Cute Cat is Busy Working “Night Shifts”


There are various reasons why people like to adopt and maintain a pet. Most of them are animal lovers, and some of them are happy and content just being with their pets. Their cuteness and loyalty never cease to put a smile on our faces.

According to a netizen, her beloved cat often disappears at night.

What surprised her the most is that her beloved cat only returns the next day. The cat is nowhere to be found the whole night.

The owner noticed this happening every night. When he returned home the next morning, he would appear to be asleep and exhausted. What is surprising, according to the owner, is that there’s a 10-Yuan banknote stuck around his neck.

His master assumed that her cat works on “night shifts.” She often wonders what kind of job her cat does and why it disappears at night. The next day it would come back really tired, asleep, and took home money attached to its collar.

What kind of job has this cat ventured into? Catching rats? Taking care of other people’s homes? It seems like only the cat would know what job he has ventured into.

The owner saved up all the ‘salary’ money her cat brought home and gave him his favorite food every day.

This mysterious job raises questions among netizens on what the cat really does at night, and comes home exhausted every day.


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