Woman Waited For Her Boyfriend To Pick Her Up At The Airport. However, She Was Not Expected To A Romantic Proposal


Malia who is from Michigan just touched down at Los Angeles International Airport after returning from her hometown.

She was expecting her boyfriend, Austin to pick her up. However, she did not have the slightest idea that this would happen.

Austin planned to propose to her girlfriend, Malia upon her arrival at the airport but he did not have a flash mob ready to surprise Malia so he turned to his friends for help.

When Malia took the escalator, she was really surprised when she saw a friend of Austin was singing with a guitar

Malia was confused with the situation but thanks to Austin’s friend, Malia was directed to go to the direction that he showed with his fingers

Malia followed the direction and she came across the second guitarist who also sang for her and led her to the third guitarist

Later, each guitarist she met would sing for her and give her the next direction

By that time, she became increasingly puzzled with the situation. Plus, her boyfriend was nowhere to be seen

As she followed the music, she was finally led to Austin who finished the song he wrote especially for her

When the song came to an end, Austin got on his knee to propose to Malia 

She nodded yes before he even had the chance to pop the question

 Malia shouted ‘Yes’ and Austin slid a ring onto her finger!

It was definitely a romantic and heart-warming moment for the lovely couple as they spent the majority of their relationship living apart

So, the airport was the most befitting place to commemorate the special moment.

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