Pet Cat in Malaysia Destroys the Edge of Owner’s Diploma Assuming It Was Just One of the ‘Useless’ Papers

Image credit: Mothership

It would take us months or even years to achieve such an important document like a certificate or a diploma. Once we acquire them, we all have this certain sense of achievement and pride. Moving forward, we can finally reach that dream job we worked hard for. A warning, though: Always keep important documents in a portfolio or a work briefcase where they will be safe, especially if there are kids and pets in the house. As of late, even burglars will take these documents and use them for identity theft.

Recently, a man in Malaysia experienced an unforgettable incident when he arrived home. He studied and worked hard to acquire his diploma, but was surprised by this sight:

The lower right edge of the diploma was chewed up by his pet cat, Mika.

Afif Adlan bin Mohd Hanafiah had recently graduated with honors and has acquired a degree in Finance, Accounting and Management in July 2020.

He graduated from the University of Nottingham.

“Of all the useless papers in my room, he ate my f**king degree,” he wrote on his Twitter. “It’s like he f**king knew.”

From the photo he shared on Twitter, luckily, most parts of the diploma certificate were still intact and only the lower right portion was chewed off.

Here is the culprit, his pet cat named Mika:

Here is the culprit, his pet cat named Mika.

The tweet has gone viral, which garnered over 468,000 likes and 5,000 retweets:

In response to the trending Twitter post, some other people who have similar experiences of pets destroying their documents shared them in the comments section. Like this graduate whose dog chewed on his diploma:

… and the dog that almost ate the $20 bill: (notice the guilty smile on its face)

Sigh! Hopefully, Mr. Hanafiah was able to get a replacement copy of his diploma.

Always remember: Keep important documents safe.


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