A Heartbreaking Story of a Senior Dog Who is Left Behind Because Family Transferred Home


To love and be loved in return, that was all Pumba wanted to do.

All his life, Pumba stayed with a family who took good care of him but only saw him as a pet and a breeding dog. He loved his family very much, and just wanted to be obedient and a good dog. Little did Pumba know that his family only had shallow feelings for him, and he thought that their love for him is as deep as how he felt for them. Worse, he believed that he would live with them for the rest of his life. He had no clue that one day, he would lose them forever.

The day came when Pumba’s owners had to transfer to a different home. They packed all their belongings, drove off, and never came back, leaving Pumba behind, bewildered. He thought that his family just went on a vacation or a stroll somewhere. Days and nights passed, still, they did not return. Pumba started to get confused.

Still, Pumba waited, though many days and nights had passed and, no family came back for him. Pumba could not believe that his family would abandon him. He refused to give up.

The days turned to weeks, to months, still, Pumba’s family did not return. Every day for a year, he would roam around his neighborhood fending for himself but came back to his home to see if his family had returned. Pumba never gave up and was determined, hoping that he would be with his family again.

Seeing Pumba sad and confused, neighbors would give him scraps of food. But roaming the streets around the neighborhood on his own was very dangerous, and Pumba lived this rough life while waiting.

The day came when Hope for Paws (HFP) found out about the heartbroken senior dog. HFP members JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo rushed to his neighborhood, found him, and persuaded him to enter a cage they have brought for him.

Pumba was hesitant to approach the two strangers and was reluctant to enter the cage they brought, though they did their best to lure him in with food. He kept crossing the street to evade the two women. So Wiltz and Arturo decided to try a more calming approach and tried to gain his trust by offering him food straight from their hands.

Soon, Pumba realized that they were there to help and finally gave in when they tried to put a leash on him. Moments later, they were able to convince him and allowed them to carry him to their car.

After Pumba was rescued, he was brought immediately to a vet for a thorough examination and was cared for. Luckily, he was in good health and brought to a foster home where he was loved, cared for, and given more attention by loving people who kept him company day and night.

Pumba loved his new home, where he felt safe. He became a bright, loving, happy, and affectionate dog, and felt secure. He knew he was finally in a better home.

Here’s a video of Pumba’s rescue by Hope For Paws

Pumba is happy now and is grateful to HFP for his rescue. He is hoping that one day he will finally be surrounded by people who will love and appreciate him, a family he can call his own.

Pumba has touched so many hearts around the world.


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