A Nanny May Sit with the Employers During Mealtime But is Not Allowed to Eat with Them


Unequality“… is this reasonable or unfair?

We are human beings, considered the highest form of living things on earth. Our parents have provided us with a religious upbringing and teach us moral values and etiquettes that help us face the real world. Among them, education to do good to our fellowmen, were taught mutual respect, tolerance, to be charitable, among others. Regardless of whether we are rich, poor, beautiful, or otherwise, we should treat each other and everyone else equally.

Though you may be rich and can afford to hire dozens of help for your home, they are still people just like us and should not be treated like slaves! Let’s look at the picture below.

A typical family enjoying happy mealtime, with the hired help seated with them, but did not join in having a meal.

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Yes, that is right. This nanny is just watching her employers enjoy a meal while she only waits for them to be done. The picture is unclear on whether she did not want to eat or if she is forbidden to join in together with her employers because she was just a nanny.

She may be a hired help, but she is still a human being. Given this situation, is it just normal that the hired help be treated only as a nanny? So where do the equality and ethics come in?

Image credit: Decorative Images/SEARCH

Sadly, situations like this still exist in the modern world, even in societies around us. It does not seem right that we only satisfy our hunger without considering that others may be hungry, too. After all, it is just ethical that we let everyone join in our mealtime, especially if there is so much to spare. Each one of us wants to enjoy a good meal with someone.

There was once an individual who usually works at night and follows every command his employer gives but still was not appreciated by the latter. He works well and does his best, up to the extent that he helps other families in the village, too. Though, with all the things he has done for his employer, he is not appreciated even in the slightest. Luckily, this was the least of his concerns.

Image credit: Decorative Images/SEARCH

Hopefully, this article shall be an icon to all of us, to all individuals of any social status, not to mistreat and look down on other people due to their stature. May this be a reminder to all of us, to make this world a safe and harmonious place for everyone to live in.


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