Wife shares that husband drops everything to help her do dishes because he worries the water is cold in winter


How many of us can proudly say that we always help our partner with household chores every day without them having to tell us to do so? For this lucky wife, it seems that she has hit a lifetime jackpot when her husband stops everything he does to help her out!

According to the wife in a now-viral Facebook post, she had just finished preparing food for her and her husband to bring to work for lunch the next day and was about to do the dishes when her husband suddenly appeared before her.

“My husband was playing Warcraft earlier and he suddenly walked into the kitchen and said, ‘Let me do the dishes!” the wife wrote.

Since it is winter at her place and the water in the kitchen is colder than usual, her husband offered to do the dishes instead.

Credit: bomb01

The wife added that washing the dishes was not the only household chores her husband helped her out with.

When it comes to cooking, the husband would help her prepare the food she was about to cook while she focused on the cooking.

As her husband said to her, he believed that if only one person was doing the household chores, the marriage would be filled with quarrels and fights.

Thus, that was why the husband felt responsible to share the household chores with his wife.

Credit: bomb01

Plus, the two always say ‘thank you’ to each other, no matter how menial the task may have been to show their appreciation towards one another.

When the post made rounds on social media, many users shared their thoughts and comments on how the husband treated the wife.

“The husband is totally different than many husbands,” one comment wrote while another commented, “A marriage with a good husband will last forever!”

It seems that one of the secrets to marriage is quite simple: Never let the other hold the burden of doing the household chores all by themselves and this couple proves it!


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