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Talented parrot sings the most beautiful tone as soon as its owner plays the guitar


In this trying times where we need to stay at home all the time, there are actually many things you can do – including singing with your pet.

Frank Maglio loves to play the guitar and enjoying every bit of it with his parrot. Along the way, he found out his beloved bird’s hidden talent – to sing. Surprisingly, the parrot not only can sing, but it can sing very beautifully too!

This is Tico.

Credit: Facebook

It all started when Maglio spending his time playing his guitar in front of his pet, Tico the Amazonian parrot. Tico has sharp hearing and good at creating melodies with its voice.

Maglio likes to spend his time with two of his favourite things – his guitar and his pet, Tico.

Credit: Facebook

One day while Maglio started to play some rock melodies, Tico spontaneously whistled at first before it started to sing loudly in a somewhat soprano style.

Tico enthusiastically singing accompanied by Maglio’s guitar.

Credit: Facebook

Turns out, Tico is not only good in saprano, but also very talented to sing in any melodic guitar tune played by Frank.

Tico’s singing is indeed amazing and will mesmerize you.

Credit: Facebook

You’ll definitely wants to play the clip more than once. Watch the full video here:



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