Tame lion welcomes visitors to safari by hopping into buggy and gives hugs to human


Often times, we visited the zoo – especially the safari, to look at all the amazing animals such as lions, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and all the animals that we’ve never seen in real life.

Using a buggy, visitors get to see all these fascinating wild animals with their own eyes and observe these safari creatures very closely without fear. As exciting as it sounds, visitors at the Taigan Safari Park get to experience more than just looking at how beautiful these animals are.

Thanks to a tame lion named Filya, the visitors at this safari will get the interaction of their lives as this beautiful lion is always ready to ‘greet’ the visitors in its own way.

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Whenever a buggy appears in its territory, the two-year-old lion went straight to the driver’s seat, forcing him to get off so that it can seat there.

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The driver doesn’t have a chance whenever Filya is in action.

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Not only that, Filya didn’t forget to show off its social skills and ‘greet’ the tourist by rubbing its face on one of the visitors, acting like a cat waiting to be pampered.

Look at how friendly this lion is!

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Filya always climbs into the visitors’ lap, gives them hugs and licks them too!

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As lions are generally very scary, it’s hard to find one like Filya who acted more like a pet dog rather than a lion.

The visitors will definitely feel welcomed to visit the safari with Filya around and get the hug of a lifetime too!


獅子的反應讓人既期待又怕受傷害~😏😱 Credit: ViralHog Newsflare

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What do you think about this safari? Would you want to visit this kind of safari? Do you dare to do it?


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