Kind lady was filmed surrounded by dogs, cats and birds exactly like Snow White


Snow white surrounded by her animal friends is a classic movie scene that we all love. Animals have their basic instincts to know who their real friends or enemies are.

In Turkey, a woman was filmed followed by different kinds of animals in relatively large numbers, including dogs, cats and birds. Netizens automatically associate the kind lady with snow white.  

The animals seemed to be the acquaintances of the unknown lady and followed her closely to hopefully get some lunch treats to eat. She was seen carrying a white plastic bag while she walked along the neighborhood road.

According to sources from the community, the woman often feeds the animals in that area. She distributes food to dogs, cats and birds evenly in open areas regularly.

The lady also cleans up the area carefully if the animals can’t finish the food and left them on the road.  She apparently cares about the environment too and doesn’t want to make the neighborhood a dirty place.

She reminds us of snow white, the loving girl who is loved by animals in the nature because of her kind heart.

We think that this is truly a fairy tale comes to life and please share this story around with your friends and family.


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