French bulldog went viral for waiting patiently outside a company cafeteria in California


Dogs are cute but they could be out of control sometimes and cause troubles. But not for this well-behaved French bulldog named Max when it waited patiently outside a company cafeteria for its owner.

Many offices in Silicon Valley practice dog-friendly policies and allow their staffs to bring their dogs to the company, but to avoid causing inconveniences to other people and for hygienic reasons, the cafeterias are off-limit for these policies.

As usual, Jenn brought her dog Max to work in the company and when she needed to buy a coffee in the cafeteria, she decided to leave Max outside.

Then, a woman Jasmine Schofield who work in the same company spotted Max waiting patiently outside the cafeteria. She shared the photo on the Internet!

I mean, just look at him closely again. How adorable!

“We can all learn from Max that patience is key. Being such a good boy he got extra treats today and he’s the love of the office,” said Jasmine, who was quick to point out that Max’s owner was just out of the frame getting a drink, so this little guy didn’t have to wait long.

Well done, Max! We wish all dogs can be well-behaved just like Max.

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