China hits by hail that looks like ‘coronavirus’ at the same time it was hit by COVID-19 second wave


As the whole world is battling against pandemic COVID-19, the virus has once again hit Beijing that leads to a second wave and immediate reinstatement of a strict lockdown near Beijing, China. Not only that, Beijing was also hit by hail looking exactly like coronavirus during the Dragon Boat Festival, causing chaos among people.

On the day of Dragon Boat Festival on 25th June, Beijing Meteorological Bureau issued a yellow warning on thunder and hail, predicting that there would be heavy rain and strong winds around Beijing.

Hail and heavy rain suddenly hit Beijing.

In Mentougou, Changping and Yanqing counties, heavy rains and thunderstorms occurred so suddenly and did not stop until 10 PM.

The nearby city, Tianjin also experienced the situation even worse than Beijing, until 9 PM.

As the hail and heavy rains continue to terrify the citizen of Beijing and Tianjin, people realized that the size of the stone is not only almost as big as an egg, but surprised to see its uncanny resemblance to COVID-19 virus.

Look at the shape!

Credit: NTDTV

Looking at the funny shape of the stone from the hail, people are making jokes saying how the stone must be quarantined as it is likely to come from the US.

This definitely looks like coronavirus!

Credit: NTDTV

Looking at how the ‘virus-shaped’ hail hits Beijing while it experiencing a second wave, it was indeed an amazing coincidence.


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