Tabby cat that violated lockdown curfew was brought in by police and taken adorable mug shot


Thailand, like many countries worldwide, has imposed a lockdown to close the major cities. No citizen is allowed to go out from 10pm to 4am. If anyone even attempts to violate the curfew, they will be severely punished. One such case came into the attention of the local police recently. Interestingly, it didn’t involve a human but a cat.

Yes, you read that right. The Thai police found that the tabby was hanging out in the streets at night while they were on their daily rounds around the neighborhood. They immediately arrested the violator, brought him to the station and got his mug shot taken.

The chubby cat stood perfectly still in front of the height board, holding a cardboard with his basic details on it. The crime section read, “I broke the curfew and left home”.

Naturally, the pictures went viral on social media and netizens were thoroughly entertained.

Tabby, you are guilty of violating the law, LOL.

“This criminal is simply too cute”, read a comment.

“How bored the Thai police must be to entertain themselves with an innocent cat?” humored another user.

Many expressed their wish to take pictures with the adorable cat after the lockdown is lifted.

However, it was further extended until May 31st to ensure the safety and health of the public. We hope that the tabby cat gets a loving home to take shelter in during this difficult time.


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