Irresponsible human tried to feed bread studded with nails to dogs


Dog has always been a good company to human for as long as we can remember. Despite being such a wonderful friend, there are cruel people out there who irresponsibly tried to do horrible things to this loyal animal.

Stray animals can sometimes be an eyesore but they are not the ones to be blamed.

If anything, it’s the thoughtless human who can simply leave their dogs by the roadside that should take the blame.

As if letting all these animals roaming the streets without care is not enough, some people really went for such horrible lengths to deal with these stray dogs.

Dog Lover recently shared on their Facebook page about how stray dogs are fed with bread and sausages studded with nails and needles.

Credit: Facebook

It’s impossible for the dogs to pick the nails out of the bread themselves as they are just naively thankful that some people willingly provide them food.

The nails are carefully laced inside the food by some heartless human deserved to be called monsters.

Credit: Facebook

Once any of the stray dogs consume this nail-studded food, they will experience slow death and silently suffer without knowing what exactly torturing them from the inside.

It’s hard to imagine how someone actually has heart to do this to the poor animal.

Enough with the stray animals having no family and no place to call home, don’t add to their suffering by doing this kind of thing. We are better than this, human.


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