California doctor sleeps in a tent in his garage to avoid risking COVID-19 infection to his family


The global pandemic, COVID-19 didn’t seem like it will come to an end anytime soon with the consistent increase of deaths and infected patients around the globe. 

In this difficult time, many frontliners and medical personnel are at high risk of getting infected every single day as they are dealing with infected patients every minute.

As a pulmonary and critical care expert that came in contact with patients diagnosed with the deadly virus at the hospital daily, Dr. Timmy Zheng Tingwen shared his experience as he quarantined himself by sleeping alone in a tent he put up in his garage to avoid the risk of infection to his family.

To ensure the safety of his family, Dr. Zheng is ‘camping’ outside of the house.

Credit: Facebook

Working at a hospital in California, Dr. Zheng uploaded a Facebook post on March 14, telling how a first patient diagnosed with COVID-19 was admitted to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – which turns him into a ‘homeless’ overnight, as he jokingly wrote.

“The same day (the patient was admitted), I turned ‘homeless’ in order to protect my family, so that I would not bring the virus home,” shared Dr. Zheng.

This is his bed now. Looks quite comfortable.

Credit: Facebook

After dealing with the patients in the hospital daily, Dr. Zheng spent one night in the car and four nights in the hospital. But on the fifth day, his wife suggested a brilliant idea of him putting up a tent in the garage and sleep in there.

Dr. Zheng quickly agrees to the amazing idea as he can now have a proper place to rest and do his work without risking the infection to his family. As his work might take weeks or even months, camping in the garage does sound like a good idea.

He also took this opportunity to plead the public to stay home and stop the spread.

Credit: Facebook

“You can stop us, medical staff, from being ‘homeless’ as long as you stay at home. Many people think that the young will always be healthy or it’s just a normal fever. Believe me, the COVID-19 patient that was infected is just 30 years old and currently fighting for his life in the intensive care unit,” wrote Dr. Zheng.

He urges everyone to stay home to prevent the outbreak from spreading and assures us that frontliners and medical personnel all across the countries are working very hard to save everyone.

So let’s all do our part and stay at home!


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