30 dead in Turkey due to drinking pure alcohol hoping to kill Wuhan coronavirus


Medical experts around the world have suggested that the COVID-19 coronavirus can be killed using alcohol with 70% or more content. What they meant is to use hand sanitizers and disinfectants that contain alcohol to keep your hands and surrounding clean.

However, some people in Turkey took the suggestion quite literally. They assumed that drinking pure alcohol can kill the virus, causing at least 30 people to die within two weeks, and another 20 people are still hospitalized under critical condition.

The local government revealed that most of these people are from Turkmenistan. Apparently, instead of washing their hands with water and soap, which might take a longer time, they rubbed ethanol all over their body before ingesting it internally.  

With the increasing number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia COVID-19, there are more and more cases of death or injury caused by drinking pure alcohol.

In Iran, at least 194 people have also died of alcohol abuse since the beginning of this march 2020, and more than 1,000 have been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.

The report reminded the public that although humans can drink beverages with an alcohol content of 50%, drinking pure alcohol will lead to alcoholism, which may kill them eventually, especially when they overdose.


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