Wuhan lady sparks outrage for intentionally spitting on door handle where 30 people are infected


Most of us have been very particular about our hygiene to avoid catching or spreading any virus since the outbreak of coronavirus, which recently known as COVID-19.

Unfortunately, there are insensitive and irresponsible people going around with the intention to deliberately spread the virus for god knows whatever reason – by spitting on elevator buttons and door handle.

A woman in Wuhan has sparked outrage on the internet as she’s been caught on camera to deliberately spitting on a door handle just to spread the virus. Reportedly, 30 other people have already been infected by the COVID-19 in the residence.

The woman carefully moved around to avoid getting seen by other people. Her act has fortunately being reported but her identity has yet to be verified.

Credit: YouTube

While the authorities constantly reminding the public to observe safety precautions so as not to catch the viral disease, there are more inconsiderate people doing the exact opposite.

In another viral video, a lady believed to be also in Wuhan has been caught on camera spitting and coughing on elevator buttons while she was alone in the elevator. After that immoral and thoughtless act, the woman waited in the elevator and witnessed another person coming in and pushing the elevator buttons she just spat on.

The woman was spitting and coughing on elevator buttons. Luckily, this woman was eventually got arrested.

Credit: YouTube

As if that is not enough, a group of four people presumably a family believed to be from the Guangxi province were also seen trying to spread the virus in the same manner.

One of them was seen spitting and coughing on a tissue before wiping the dirty tissue on elevator buttons.

Credit: YouTube

What is wrong with all these people?


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