American guy uses peeler to open a rambutan—Asians are furious


There is a fine line between oblivion and just straight up ignorance. It appears that the line has been crossed by a TikTok fame Gavin Smith. As a result of that, he has garnered the attention of many Asians, and not in funny and controversial way.

What’s his crime, you ask? Well, Gavin thought it would be a fun idea to try eating exotic fruits for his TikTok content. Completely harmless, yes.

He even got the first step right by getting a few of these fruits, namely longan and dragon fruit.

The next fruit he tried was rambutan. For those of you who are clueless like Gavin, rambutan is a fruit native to South East Asian countries, mainly Malaysia and other South East Asia countries. It has a rough hairy texture with red hard skin covering a juicy sweet fruit that has seeds in the middle.

The right way to eat it, as Gavin would later have the enlightenment to, is to peel the skin with your hands or teeth, and just pop it in your mouth. Mind the seeds though, they can’t be consumed.

Now that you are informed on the right way, you must be wondering how else did Gavin try to eat it that had caused the distress of so many people? Well, here it goes.

Instead of turning to Google for a quick search on ‘How to peel rambutan properly’, Gavin took the liberty of using a potato peeler to shave the hairs off the exterior of the fruit.

He then proceeds to cut it open with a knife.

The horror didn’t end right there. He managed to get to the fruit, and throw it whole in his mouth, and ate it all up…with the seed! Can you imagine? Gavin, oh Gavin.

His video was shared to Twitter by @sabrinemra, which at the time of writing had over 188000 views, 12500 retweets and 9300 likes. Those numbers alone should tell you how bad it went down.

Comments started pouring in no time and we must say, constructive criticism was thrown out the window with this video. Most of them were just people virtually screaming at him to use his hands to open the fruit rather than using the peeler.

This isn’t the first time exotic fruits were mishandled by people who are not native to it. Earlier this year, a supermarket was criticized for selling jackfruit by cutting them up in triangular wedges like watermelons.

All of these goes on to prove that sometimes, it’s better to look it up online rather than trusting your own intuition. It might save you some good impressions from strangers halfway across the world.


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