Succulent Japanese plant grows leaves that look like a pod of dolphins jumping mid-air


Having plants at home can be healing and therapeutic to many. One of the more popular choices of plants to keep are succulents. They come in many shapes and sizes and is priced fairly reasonable.

The maintenance is not that difficult as well, though a little thorough, delicate care is required. Apparently, these adorable plants not only come in regular shapes, but also imitate movements and body parts of animals.

One such species is the Senecio Peregrinus. This particular succulent plant took the Japanese Twitter by storm with its uncanny resemblance to a sea creature we are all fond of.

Credit: Twitter/kao77neko

The leaves of this plant grows to mimic a pod of dolphins jumping mid air in a perfect harmony. Here’s an image for your reference, and amusement.

Aptly nicknamed ‘dolphin necklace’ in Japan, these green plants are gaining much admiration on the internet. And if you think the dolphin-like shape disappears as the leaves grow, then you can’t be more wrong.

In fact, the succulents come to life more as they bud into a fully matured plant. Senecio Peregrinus requires a warm, well-ventilated and cool environment for optimum growth.

They can grow up to 10 to 15cm in height.

They don’t require much light as the photosynthesis for this plant occurs at the slightly transparent area at the back surface of the leaves. Minimal moisture is needed too, hence they only need to be watered one or two week once.

When the shoots first start blooming, they produce tiny yellow flowers.

Then gradually, they take the form of dolphins swimming in a large group and attempting a moment of mid-air leap before returning to the waters.

Having this decorating your study table or balcony wouldn’t be such a bad idea, don’t you think? Better get your hands on them before they’re sold out in the market.


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