Boy gives away his dinner, an egg, to help raise fund for a local shelter home and he gets donations in return


8-year-old Brazilian boy became the internet darling after his story donating the only egg he had at home to help a local shelter home became viral.

Luiz Gustavo Rodrigues from Caçu, Brazil’s southwest Goiás is a true example of kindness after he donated the only egg at his home to help raise funds for a local shelter home for the elderly.

The young boy and his family have always been living a modest life when they received a visit from Jessica Taís Santos who volunteered for the shelter home

Credit: Globo

Jessica was doing rounds from home to home to collect donations to help fund repair works for the shelter home.

When she came to Luiz’s house, the boy’s stepfather, Luizmar Nunes, apologized to her as they had nothing valuable at home to donate to the shelter home

Credit: Globo

“That day, our family almost had nothing to eat so I told Jessica, ‘We do not have anything to donate for today but I’ll see what I can do if you can come tomorrow’,” Nunes recalled.

However, Luiz later showed up with an egg in his hand which was supposed to become his dinner that night and gave the egg to Jessica

Credit: Globo

The boy said that he wanted to donate and since he only had an egg, he wanted to give the egg as a donation to the shelter home.

Upon hearing Luiz’s words, Jessica could not refuse the sincere donation.

“It is good to see that it came from a young boy. The fact that he insisted to donate the only egg he had even when it was supposed to his dinner that night touches my heart,” Jessica said.

It may seem like nothing much but thanks to Luiz’s sincerity when his story went viral later, the egg managed to be sold at US$4,000 at an auction

Credit: Globo

The surprises, however, did not just end at the auction

Credit: Globo

Luiz’s family later started to get donations in the forms of food, clothes, and toys from kindhearted people who were moved by Luiz’s story

Credit: Globo

Luiz even got a surprise from the local military police (ROTAM) at his school after the boy’s stepfather revealed Luiz’s dream to join ROTAM

Credit: Globo

“They surprised Luiz at his school and even took him for a ride in the police car. He was absolutely surprised because it has always been his dream to become police when he grows up,” his stepfather said.

Luiz also received a Rotam uniform, calendar, keychain, and water bottle, all personalized with the Rotam symbol. 

Who knows that a humble donation of an egg to help a local shelter home ended up giving him a bigger reward and even fulfilling his childhood dream

Credit: Globo

Guess the old saying is true after all; the more you give, the more you get back!


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