Don’t throw away your old t-shirt—this Japanese hack teaches you how to fix the stretched t-shirt neckline


T-shirts are of one of the most versatile and comfy clothing to style. You can pair them with jeans for a casual look, wear it underneath a blazer and trousers for semi-formal events or even get bigger sizes to be worn as dresses.

Though there’s one thing that irks us when it comes to washing our favorite t-shirts; the inevitable wrinkles on the neckline. No matter what DIY trick we try, the crinkled lines just wouldn’t go, and we’d end up having to dispose them.

Credit: Nippon TV

Fret no more, there’s a new hot tip going around the net that is guaranteed to fix your wrinkly t-shirt woes. Nexcy is a famous laundry service based in Japan. Recently, an expert from the service joined a local variety show to reveal the magic of crisp, line-free t-shirt that can be only be acquired from laundry shops.

Before you begin, you’d need a bowl of ice cubes filled with cold water, an iron and a table or flat surface to put your t-shirt on. Using these three ingredients and the four simple steps to follow, you too ca be worry-free of the wrinkles on your clothes.

The first step is to fold the neckline of the t-shirt in fan-like waves and pinch it together.

Credit: Nippon TV

Then, soak just the folded part into the bowl of ice cubes and water mix.

Credit: Nippon TV/TEEPR

Give it a nice swirl and soak for a minute or so before taking out it. Then, wring the water out while holding together the folds intact.

Make sure all the water is drained from the t-shirt.

Credit: Nippon TV

Step three is to straighten the folds on a flat surface, preferably a table by running your fingers vertically across the neckline.

Credit: Nippon TV

Repeat this step a few times. Then, iron the neckline to further clear out the lines in an upward direction.

Credit: Nippon TV

Finally, spread the ironed t-shirt on a flat surface and let it out to dry. Now, your favorite t-shirt is ready to be worn, good as new.

Credit: Nippon TV

The expert further explained that besides repeated washing and stretching, the traditional method of drying clothes out on a string vertically also contributes to the wrinkles.

This is because the water from the neckline is pulled down by gravity, causing it to stretch and dry, resulting in scruffy necklines.

Try this hack and find out for yourself if it works.


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