Lucky thai fisherman found a massive lump of whale vomit worth US$320,000 while walking on the beach


A poor fisherman from Thailand is set to receive a massive windfall after finding a huge lump of whale vomit worth US$320,000.

55-year-old Jumrus Thiachot first discovered the lump of whale vomit earlier this year when he was out walking on the beach in Koh Samui

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He was uncertain of whether or not the discovery was a real deal when he first saw. Fortunately, Thiachot decided to bring it home and keep it in his shed.

The fisherman then sought for help from his neighbour to check the waxy lump and they cut slices off the lump for a check

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However, he was later told their tests were not successful and they could not confirm whether it was a real whale vomit.

“Three of my neighbours came after my nephew told the villagers that I found a whale vomit,” Thiachot told The Sun.

“They asked for slices and said that they will run some checks to prove that it was really a whale vomit, but they said the tests didn’t show anything.”

Thiachot eventually contacted the local government who later arrived with specialists to check the lump.

“I needed to know the truth, so that why I contacted the authorities to check. Now I know it is real whale vomit I will sell it,” Thiachot said.

According to Surat Thani provincial governor, Witchawuth Jinto, they confirmed that the lump was indeed a valuable lump of whale vomit. It contained at least 80 percent of ambergris

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Following the unexpected discovery, Jinto said that they would advise Thiachi on what he should do next to get the best price of the lump.

The lump of whale vomit or also know as ambergris which Thiachi discovered was said to worth up to US$320,000.

It usually has grey or black shade and is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales

Credit: Fragrantica

The whale vomit will have a stinky and marine odor when it is still fresh but as it gets oxidized over time, its scent becomes earthy and sweet.

While it may look like a typical stone, ambergris is actually a highly valuable substance usually used in high-end perfumes. Since it is one of the rare materials used in perfumes, it is very expensive.

At the moment, ambergris that are of the highest quality can be sold for US$20,000 per kilogram.

Some perfume makers such as Chanel, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana and Atkinsons use ambergris to make their perfumes last longer and as a binding agent

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