Touching video shows last moments of YouTuber Grandpa Kitchen who dies at 73 years old


Beloved YouTube-star Narayana Reddy who was known for preparing mega-sized food to feed the local orphans on his YouTube channel, “Grandpa Kitchen”, has died at the age of 73.

The heartbreaking news was made public after his passing on October 27, 2019.

The news was shared with his 6.32 million subscribers through a touching video that was created as a tribute to him.

The video shows his last moments and hundreds of attendees paying their last respect to him at the funeral

Reddy who was from Telangana, India, built a massive audience on his YouTube channel over the past two years thanks to popular videos of him cooking a large portion of delicious foods such as biryani, french fries, and fried rice

Credit: YouTube

Apart from showing off his Masterchef-level skills at cooking Indian foods, Reddy was also skilled at cooking western and Asian food like Korean egg rolls, vegan pizza, fish and chips, and chicken spaghetti.

Reddy also shared videos of him preparing tasty desserts like a giant Oreo cake and Red Velvet cake

Credit: YouTube

Dressed in his usual white clothes, Reddy easily whipped up a giant-sized dish that could feed every orphan at the village

Credit: YouTube

The humble and generous grandfather had gained 6.32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel since his first-ever cooking video, “King of 2000 EGGS” went viral on the internet and garnered 2.6 million views in 2017

All of the foods he cooked went to the local orphans and the underprivileged individuals in a nearby town

Credit: YouTube

Following his death, many netizens took to social media to share their comments and pay tributes to Reddy

One netizen commented, “I never saw my own grandfather but whenever he said “This is your Grandpa”… I felt nothing but love and compassion.”

“Grandpa kitchen recently just died and hardly anyone is acknowledging such a human being. He was such a lovely person who did nothing but good for this world. We need to respect and acknowledge people like him. May he rest in peace,” said another comment.

Like a true saint, Reddy has taught millions of his viewers of the importance of sharing and the easiest way of it is to share good food with others.

We may never able to see Grandpa Reddy cooking again as he has left all of us but one thing for sure, he will forever have a special place in our hearts. Rest in peace, Grandpa Reddy.


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