A boy was dressed up as ‘Annabelle’ by mom during Halloween but they had to rush to the dental appointment with the costume on. The dentist couldn’t hold his laughter anymore when he saw the boy’s facial expression


Annabelle is one of the favorite horror movies of all times. Who doesn’t feel scared when they watch the creepy looking doll chasing people around in a haunted house? No wonder, movie fans from around the world choose to dress up as the scary doll for Halloween.  

This little boy is not an exception as he was dressed up by mom last year as Annabelle for Halloween.

The boy’s sad expression on his face was really funny and was posted on Facebook and his mom called him ‘The Saddest Annabelle’

Even the dentist nearly died of laughter upon seeing him

The boy and his mother later attended a Halloween party but unfortunately, the pair forgot that they had a dentist appointment on the same day so they rushed to get to the clinic for the appointment, the boy did not have a chance to change clothes and remove the makeup.

As the boy arrived at the clinic, everyone could not contain their laughter when they saw him. The only one who did not burst into laughter was the boy!

The boy’s mother said that it wasn’t an easy task trying to convince him to wear the ‘Annabelle’ costume as she wanted to give the boy a funny moment and something that he would remember for the rest of his life.

After reaching home, he still had his sulky expression on

The mother later posted the boy’s photos on her Facebook and the post quickly became viral on social media as people shared their comments.

One netizen wrote in the boy’s perspective: “Brother Annabelle: Doctor, if you dare to give me a jab I will put up a fight.” while another commented on how sulky the boy looked: “Wow, what a set of resentful eyes.”

Other left hilarious comments such as “The dentist must be very afraid of this patient”, “I never knew Annabelle needs to see a dentist”, and “The legendary eyes of death”.

The boy has certainly pulled off a great Halloween costume, don’t you think so?


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