One of the strongest antioxidant fruits, one guava can remove nitrite toxic of 18 sausages in the body


With the option of ready-to-go, processed food made more accessible and the lifestyle getting more fast-paced and hectic, investing time and money into healthy eating habits is something most people cannot afford.

Though processed food are cheap and time-saving, there’s definitely a price to pay. One main ingredient in processed food is nitrite, which can cause more harm than good if consumed regularly.

Nitrite is added in meat products such as sausages, bacon and ham to preserve their color and shelf-life. Excessive consumption of nitrite can result in decreased blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and even cancer as it is a chemical which does not naturally belong in food.

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Now if you’re thinking if only there’s a way to reduce your nitrite intake and eat healthy at the same time, here’s a good news. The Taiwan Agriculture Council has recently revealed three fruits that can clear up the nitrite content in human body.

According to the council, consumption of fruits rich in antioxidant are extremely beneficial in locating and getting rid of free radicals that contain nitrite from your body.

Among the 29 fruits tested by The Agricultural Research Institute of the COA , three different species of guava has reigned the list with its high vitamin C content.

The health perks in guava is immensely great that it can clear up the nitrite content in 18 sausages at once!

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At this point, guava can be considered as superfruit due to its various contributions to human health. Not only does it have anti-aging properties, it also protects the gums and ensures good flow in blood vessels and heart.

An excellent immunity enhancer, guava also aids in weight loss as it has zero cholesterol and very minimal sugar content. It’s a great post-meal snack to keep you filled on a busy day.

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The next time you feel like grabbing a ham or bacon sandwich for a quick fix, make the smart choice and go for guava instead. A low cost alternative for healthy body and healthy skin.


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