Loyal cat never left the parking lot where its deceased owner worked at in hopes that they’d be reunited someday


Mention the word ‘loyalty’ to anyone, the immediate thought that comes to their mind is the image of a dog waiting devotedly by the door for its owner to return home.

Credit: Unsplash (Image for illustration purpose only)

Loyalty has become synonym with canines and their unparalleled love for their human companions. Much contrary to their animal counterpart, the felines. Cats are known to have a mind of their own that cannot be tamed with tricks and treats.

Truth be told, cats have their own ways of showing loyalty. You have to earn it, by being loyal to them. It might sound silly, but its a fact. Here’s a story of one such cat.

It all started when a woman spotted a cat wandering around unattended in the basement of a parking lot. The woman frequented the place hence the adorable walking ball of fur was a common sight for her. Soon enough, the cat got acquainted with her that whenever the woman was there, it would come running to her, tails wagging and rubbing itself against her legs lovingly.

Unbeknownst to her and the countless number of people the cat puts a smile on in return of some pets and treats, it had a crushing past. The cat belonged to a parking attendant who was employed at the place.

To keep him company, he’d bring the cat along to his work everyday without fail. Alas, their routine came to a brief end when the old man was laid off due to the change in the parking maintenance system from manual to automatic.

The real tragedy was, however, the sudden passing of the man in an accident hence leaving the cat with an unsaid farewell and long-lasting grief.

Devastated, the cat would find its way to the parking spot to look for its deceased owner. Initial attempts by the management and the old man’s son to bring the feline back home were futile.

The cat would somehow end up roaming in the parking lot.

Eventually, the management was considerate enough to take the cat in as the new parking attendant with remuneration of tasty treats. Since then, the cat never left the place, minding its business and cheering people who pass her by.

This tale of loyalty proves that cats too, are loving and devoted to their owners. It’s our responsibility as humans to not discriminate and abuse them as the lesser beings.

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