Toddler in ICU after a chopstick pierces through her brain when she stumbled while holding it


It is common for toddlers who have just learned to walk on their own to run around the room and stumble when their feet get caught in the rug. Unfortunately, for this toddler from China, what supposed to be a harmless fall almost cost her her life.

It began when the one-and-a-half-year-old girl from China was sitting down for a meal one morning at home.

Like any toddler who has just begun to learn how to walk, the girl quickly left her seat after one of her parents fed her, as reported by media in China.

The girl was running around the room with a chopstick in her tiny hand

Image for illustration purposes only. (Credit: Pexels)

Unfortunately, she later stumbled and fell onto the floor, causing the chopstick to pierce through the roof of her mouth.

Terrified by the accident, the girl’s family quickly rushed her to the hospital.

Following a CT scan, the doctors confirmed that the chopstick had pierced through the inside of her mouth, injuring her internal jugular vein

Credit: Oriental Daily

They also discovered that 2 cm of the chopstick had pierced through a part of her brain.

Even worse, there were some rice grains on the chopstick

Credit: Oriental Daily

Thankfully, the surgery done to remove the chopstick was successful and the toddler is currently being treated at the hospital’s intensive care unit.

However, she is still at risk of getting an intracranial infection due to the injuries.

Bumps, spills, and crashes are common when your child has just started learning to walk on their own.

While it is hard to avoid them from falling, you can help lessen the probability of them getting a serious injury should they fall

Credit: Pexels

Here are some babyproofing efforts that you can do to reduce any possible hazards in your house according to What To Expect:

  1. Make sure to keep all harmful liquids or cleaning detergent bottle caps tight and put them away in a locked or top cabinet.
  2. Keep the rooms in your house to minimalistic design. Avoid using rugs that can get easily caught by your child’s feet or any fragile decorating pieces within your child’s reach.
  3. Set up baby gates in their bedroom, at the top and bottom of the stairs as well as window guards.
  4. Pad all sharp corners of your furniture including the kitchen counter and coffee table.
  5. Keep doors and drawers shut at all times.
  6. You might also want to use furniture anchors if you have a chest of drawers that can easily tip over.


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