Daughter of pedicab driver credits her father for helping her to graduate as Magna Cum Laude


Facing difficult financial challenges when growing up may be tough for this daughter of a ‘padyak’ (pedicab) driver but Sandra Estefani Ramos proves that it can also be a motivating force to push herself.

This Philippine-born young lady proved that despite her family’s difficult financial situation, she was able to graduate from college and achieve her dreams.

Even more inspiring, Sandra did not just graduate with impressive grades but also as a magna cum laude at Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST) in the Philippines.

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According to Sandra, she could never thank her parents enough especially her father for helping her to complete her degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education. 

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Her father might not have a glamorous white-collar job or earn a fortune for a living but Sandra took pride in her father’s humble job.

It was her father’s willingness to sacrifice and do everything he could to support the family that they were able to survive all these years despite living in poverty.

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In return for her father’s hard work, Sandra thought that graduating with flying colors was the best gift she could give to him and she was right!

Sandra revealed that both of her parents shed happy tears when they found out that their daughter graduated with a Magna Cum Laude and was proud of her achievements.

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Now that she has finally graduated from college, Sandra has plans to become a teacher in the future and we certainly have no doubt that she will make her parents proud of her again!


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