Some people can enjoy coffee just before bed and still have a good night’s sleep. Scientists tell you why


It may happen to you or anyone you know but it turns out that there are people who can fall asleep despite having a cup of coffee a few hours before.

Many people reserve the caffeinated drink in the morning or make sure to not have any coffee at night as it affects their sleep.

However, there are some people who can go about their day and drink coffee before bed and still have a good sleep at night.

It may be weird but scientists have discovered something called “caffeine gene“, a gene that specifically controls how our body reacts to caffeine and how fast it can process the drug.

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How caffeine works

In the morning, even when you are feeling fresh from a good night’s sleep, your body starts to produce adenosine slowly, an important substance that helps to regulate our body’s sleep-wake cycle.

As your day goes on, the level of adenosine will rise which helps you to fall asleep naturally at night. 

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When you consume any caffeinated drink like coffee, the body perceives caffeine just like adenosine and stops producing adenosine as it gets tricked into thinking that there is enough adenosine in the body.

However, caffeine does not work like adenosine and it stops your body from feeling tired.

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Why are there people who are not affected by caffeine?

There are three reasons for this:

  1. There might be other substances produced by the body aside from adenosine that make one gets tired faster.
  2. The adenosine in the body is powerful enough to stop caffeine from working its magic.
  3. Caffeine is processed too quickly by the body and it may have been excreted from the body before it starts to work.

Hence, it is possible for some people to be able to enjoy a cup of Cappucino right before they go to bed and still sleep well throughout the night.

Just in case you still want to enjoy a cup of coffee before your bedtime, you may opt for a decaffeinated coffee or wait until the next morning to fully enjoy the drink!


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