9-yo girl’s going bald after eating her own hair for years, doctor found 18cm hairball in her stomach

Credit: Oriental Daily

Balding can possibly happen to adults due to so many different reasons. But if you see your little ones started to get bald too, always pay extra attention because that one problem might lead to another!

According to World of Buzz, the family of a 9-year-old girl living in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province thought the girl was suffering from gastrointestinal problems after she started to experience weird symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite—so they quickly took the girl to hospital for a check-up.

To their surprise, doctors found a hairball that measured about 18cm in diameter in her stomach after they did a CT scan on her at the hospital.

Credit: Oriental Daily

The girl was said to have always been a skinny girl throughout her childhood and only ate a very small portion of food. Despite all that, she has always been a cheerful girl—so her parents didn’t suspect anything abnormal about her.

When the girl turned eight, her mother left her job to focus on taking care of her daughter—that was when she noticed that her daughter’s head was balding. Initially, the mother didn’t realize that the girl actually had been eating her own hair—until she fell ill.

The mother admitted that she had seen her daughter ate hair a long time ago, but never saw it again after that.

Credit: Oriental Daily

After being questioned by her mother, the girl admitted that she had been eating her own hair ever since she was a child. The doctor that was treating her speculated that the girl had suffered from Pica, an eating disorder where the sufferer compulsively eats items that have no nutritional value. After doing some research, the doctor attempted to remove the hairball inside of the girl using endoscope through her mouth.

After two operations, only half of the hair was successfully removed.

Credit: Oriental Daily

After removing some of the hair, the doctor found that there were many white ulcer wounds on the girl’s stomach wall. The doctor currently still needs to perform surgery on the girl to remove all of the hair from her stomach.

This is very dangerous! If possible, make sure to pay extra attention to what your children had been eating all the time! Hopefully, the surgery went well and the girl will recover very soon.


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