Mother shows ‘boobs are magical’ by sharing pictures of bacteria soaked in breast milk and you’ll be amazed


Breastfeeding are magical but it’s never an easy journey mostly because mothers do not receive the support they need and misunderstandings that the general public has on this topic. But the thing is, breastfeeding is the most natural form of food from human to child and it’s beautiful.

For mothers who are able to breastfeed their babies, it is an incredible way to bond with the newborns. As breastfeeding was said to be able to give your baby a stronger immune system, a mother, Jessica shares a picture of two Petri dishes.

Jessica is a biology student with a 17-month-old son.

Credit: Daily Mail

“My science project investigation results: 2 plates of Micrococcus luteus, 4 assay disks on each, the left is disks soaked in breast milk, the right is disks soaked in formula.”

“As you can see the clear circles around the (left) disk is where the breast milk has fought off the bacteria and nearly cleared the plate, the formula (left disk), on the other hand, has had no effect and the bacteria has completely overrun the plate, even moving the disks.”

Credit: Daily Mail

Many were blown away by Jessica’s sharing and the post had over 14,000 reactions and over 12,000 shares in just within six days.

Breastfeeding is not easy peasy

A mother, Angela Burzo revealed a brutally honest and incredibly inspiring picture of herself breastfeeding her newborn, Aylee.

Burzo is showing to the world the real struggle of breastfeeding that some people might have never seen before.


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Many responded to her as the image she shared resonated with thousands of women all around the world. People have been sending her supportive comments and telling her that she’s not alone in this journey.

Mothers especially new ones would feel more relieved and have more confidence to know that they are not alone.

Do not struggle alone—always find support and help to succeed in breastfeeding

More and more people are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, hence, fellow mothers and advocates have also been sharing their tips and tricks to help other women going through motherhood.

One of the easiest methods is to ask questions in social media breastfeeding community groups and the other is to seek advise from lactation consultants and professionals who advocate for breastfeeding. 

Credit: Wikimedia

Here is one simple trick that one momma shared:

“Now I advise mamas to put a sock over their pumping bottle, and it has been getting incredible results. Some women are reporting often 2-3 times more milk when they remove themselves mentally from the result of their pumping session!”

“We know that oxytocin release is inhibited by stress, and oxytocin release is required for letdowns, so if you find you are getting stressed while watching, try it!”

Are you someone who sits and watches the trickle of milk, if any, that comes when pumping? Do you get stressed or sad…

Posted by Milk and Motherhood on Friday, May 31, 2019

As the tips being shared, most mothers agree that turning away from the task at hand really helps with their supply.

Some mothers are not able to nurse their babies for any number of physicals, mental or other reasons—it’s okay too, there are other ways to provide for your child. Just don’t give up and look for help to find out what you can do.

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