Insensitive Chinese tourists caught on camera throwing rocks at panda trying to wake it up in zoo


Panda has always been cherished wherever they are but it’s not the case this time.

A group of Chinese tourists visiting Beijing Zoo was recently seen throwing rocks at a giant panda while it was resting in its compound—an old panda pavilion that was first built back in 1981 to celebrate 1990 Asian Games held in Beijing.

The unfortunate incident was captured on a video showing the giant panda Meng Da slouching on a boulder when a rock is thrown at him.

Credit: YouTube/Mr Anderson

The person who recorded the footage shared that this is not the only instance where rocks were thrown at the pandas. In just the span of 30 minutes, he saw two other similar unfortunate instances. The eyewitnesses also added that there’s a second person that had thrown a much bigger rock at the giant panda—but that was not recorded on the video.

Thankfully, Daily Mail reported that the panda was not injured but it jumped slightly before getting up to inspect the rock that was thrown.

Not long after the incident, zookeepers rushed to the scene to stop the tourists from throwing more objects into the old panda pavilion.

Credit: YouTube/Mr Anderson

It was said that Meng Da was unaffected by all the commotion and carried on its daily routine—eating, excreting, moving around and playing inside its enclosure. Hopefully, things like this will never happen again and no animal will be harmed.

Don’t do this when you visit the zoo, okay?

Watch the full video here:


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